Secured digital financial asset
Part 1/5. Basic concept

SDFA is a functional tool for creating various projects, the efficiency of which is determined by guaranteeing the
quality of service or guaranteeing access to the service under given conditions, as well as ensuring practical
distributed teamwork while developing different infrastructures for end users who place high demands on risk management

SDFA mission

Contribute to creating a safe and high-quality digital infrastructure for projects and program development, providing a
guarantee of the quality of services or access to services for end users with high requirements for risk management

Preconditions for the occurrence

Blockchain-based solutions have become widespread, primarily due to the wide range of possibilities for resolving
collisions in large distributed networks when implementing interaction between various network participants. The second
important property of blockchain solutions is ensuring cryptographic resistance to external threats. Thus, the most
urgent issue in projects based on blockchain solutions is ensuring long-term stability and reliability. Obviously, that
implementing long-term risk management will drive the development of crypto technologies. Therefore, the critical
property of SDFA is the ability to create infrastructure solutions that meet the highest requirements for risk
management, and the versatility of these solutions will testify to the demand for SDFA.

SDFA technology

The Ethereum blockchain. ERC-20 protocol.
The total maximum emission is 1 trillion. The emission is carried out one time in total.
SDFA can be transferred by smart-contracts to projects if the project's goals and objectives correspond to the mission
of the SDFA.

Parts 2 - 5 will be published in conjunction with the release of the SDFA mission results.